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Last modified: Sunday June 13, 2021

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Space Used cgi: Here is space used and left (du -hs) on /home/sleckie/apps/cgi/cgi-bin:
31G /home/sleckie/apps/cgi/cgi-bin
142G /home/sleckie/apps/cgi
25G /home/sleckie/apps/cgi/photos
71G /home/sleckie/apps/cgi/movies
142G /home/sleckie/apps
142G /home/sleckie
16K /home

star-->4.0K 123 4.0K 123.xls 4.0K 1234 4.0K Combine.py 4.0K LoadMarksChoice220119.html 4.0K MVF220107.csv 4.0K Precinct940220.csv 4.0K Precinct940221.csv 4.0K Skivote.cgi 8.0K Skivoteview.cgi 4.0K VITE0122cr_CAI.XLS 4.0K VOTE0122cr_CAI.XLS 4.0K VOTE0222cr_CAI.XLS 4.0K XXX 12K __pycache__ 4.0K _lslt.pl 4.0K _lversion.cgi 4.0K _space.cgi 4.0K _txlslt.cgi 4.0K addappl.cgi 4.0K addcap.cgi 4.0K addpledge.cgi 4.0K addpledge.cgi~~ 4.0K addpledge.cgi~~~ 4.0K appdeletedb.cgi 4.0K appedit.cgi 4.0K appinsertdb.cgi 4.0K appinsertdb.cgi~ 4.0K appinsertdb.cgi~~ 4.0K appinsertdbill.cgi 4.0K appladd.cgi 4.0K appladd.cgi~ 4.0K appladd.cgi~~ 4.0K appladd.cgi~~~ 4.0K appladdtest.cgi 4.0K appladdtest.cgi~ 4.0K applicant_rm.pl 4.0K applinks.cgi 4.0K applinks.cgi~ 4.0K applmail.py 4.0K applmail.py~ 4.0K applmailT.py 4.0K applmailTS.py 4.0K applview.cgi 4.0K applview.cgi~ 4.0K applview.cgi~~ 4.0K applview.cgi~~~ 4.0K apppick.cgi 4.0K apppick.cgi~ 4.0K appremove.cgi 8.0K appselectcsv.cgi 8.0K appselectcsv.cgi~~ 8.0K appselectcsv.cgi~~~ 8.0K appselectcsv.cgi~~~~ 8.0K appselectdb.cgi 8.0K appselectdb.cgi~ 8.0K appselectdb.cgi~~ 8.0K appshow.cgi 8.0K appshow.cgi~ 4.0K apptools.cgi 4.0K appupdatedb.cgi 4.0K appview.cgi 4.0K appview.cgi~ 4.0K attdelupd.sql 4.0K attinsertdb.cgi 8.0K attloadarg.cgi 8.0K attloadarg.cgi~ 8.0K attloadarg.cgi~~ 8.0K attloadarg.cgi~~~ 8.0K attnew.cgi 4.0K avbed.py 8.0K avbed.py~ 4.0K avbedpk.py 452K avbedpk_psc_findb.out 436K avbedpk_pscdb.out 436K avbedpk_pscdb1.out 452K avbedpk_pscdb2.out 4.0K balcons.txt 4.0K baltyps.txt 12K bed-lib.pl 4.0K beddar.cgi 4.0K bedmart.cgi 4.0K bedmart.cgi~~ 4.0K bedview.cgi 4.0K bk2end.rpt 4.0K bkagend.rpt 4.0K bkend.rpt 4.0K bkends.rpt 24K blt.out 20K bor 4.0K boredit.cgi 4.0K boredit.cgi_best 4.0K boredit.cgi~~ 4.0K boremove.cgi 4.0K boremove.cgi~~~ 4.0K borview.cgi 4.0K borview.cgi~ 4.0K bump.cgi 4.0K bump_older.cgi 4.0K bumpnew.cgi 8.0K c4gap5555.py 8.0K c4gap5555.py~ 8.0K c5gap5555.py 4.0K calendar9.cgi 4.0K calendar9.cgi~ 8.0K cands.txt 4.0K capadd.cgi 4.0K capinsertdb.cgi 8.0K capnew.cgi 8.0K caprecinctdb.cgi 8.0K caprecinctdb.cgi~ 8.0K caprecinctdb.cgi~~~ 8.0K capselect.cgi 8.0K capselect.cgi~ 8.0K capselectdb.cgi 8.0K capshow.cgi 8.0K capshowr.cgi 8.0K capshowr.cgi~~~~ 8.0K capshow~.cgi 4.0K capupdatedb.cgi 4.0K capupdatedb.cgi~ 4.0K ccatt.pl 8.0K cgi-lib.pl 4.0K collagemov.cgi 4.0K collagemov.cgi~~~ 4.0K collagemov.cgi~~~~ 4.0K collagepix.cgi 4.0K collagetun.cgi 4.0K columns 4.0K columns_maria 8.0K conts.txt 4.0K crontab.sleckie.home 8.0K crub5_20210604.py 4.0K ctgp.txt 8.0K d4ovr5555.py 30G data 4.0K def_purge_votes 8.0K dirloadcsv.cgi 4.0K dordar.cgi 4.0K dordar.cgi~ 4.0K dormart.cgi 4.0K download_precip.py 4.0K due.xls 4.0K dues.xls 4.0K duesql 4.0K first_py.py 4.0K fol-lib.pl 4.0K folk2.cgi 4.0K folk3.cgi 4.0K folkload.cgi 4.0K folkload.cgi~ 92K folks20121023.dat 76K folks210503.dat 92K folks210503_2.dat 4.0K frag.txt 4.0K hen-lib.pl 12K insrt.boe.csv 4.0K insrt.boe.sql 4.0K insrt.boe3.csv 3.7M insrt20210530.sql 0 insrt_mod.sql 4.0K json.pl 4.0K json.pl~ 4.0K jsonread.py 16K jud-lib.pl 4.0K judah21.py 4.0K judah2136.py 4.0K judah36.py 8.0K judselect.cgi 8.0K judselect.cgi~ 8.0K judshow.cgi 8.0K judshow.cgi~ 8.0K judshow_debug.cgi 8.0K judshow~.cgi 4.0K judupdate.cgi 8.0K kin-lib.pl 4.0K kinallemails.cgi 4.0K kinancest.cgi 4.0K kincollage.cgi 4.0K kincurbdays.cgi 4.0K kindar.cgi 4.0K kindarHREF.cgi 4.0K kindarboth.cgi 4.0K kindescen.cgi 4.0K kindetail.cgi 8.0K kindetaildb.cgi 4.0K kindetailt.cgi 4.0K kindetail~.cgi 4.0K kindie.cgi 4.0K kindoclage.cgi 4.0K kinexportdb.cgi 8.0K kinexportdb.cgi~ 8.0K kinexportdb.cgi~~ 8.0K kinexptestdb.cgi 8.0K kininsertdb.cgi 8.0K kininsertdb.cgi~ 8.0K kininsertdb.cgi~~ 4.0K kinkidlage.cgi 4.0K kinkidocs.cgi 4.0K kinnames.out 8.0K kinnewdb.cgi 8.0K kinnewdb.cgi~ 8.0K kinnewdb.cgi~~ 16K kinpswd.cgi 16K kinpswd.cgi~ 16K kinpswd.cgi~~ 16K kinpswd.cgi~~~ 16K kinpswd.old 16K kinpswd123.cgi 16K kinpswdb.cgi 4.0K kinrecord.cgi 4.0K kinselect.cgi 8.0K kinselect.cgi~ 8.0K kinselectdb.cgi 8.0K kinselectdb.cgi~ 8.0K kinselectdbt.cgi 8.0K kinselectdbt.cgi~ 4.0K kinselectdb~.cgi 4.0K kinselectdb~~.cgi 8.0K kinselectdb~~~.cgi 8.0K kinselectdb~~~~.cgi 4.0K kinselectid.cgi 4.0K kinserts.out 4.0K kinsets.out 8.0K kinshow.cgi 8.0K kinshow.cgi~ 8.0K kinshowT.cgi 4.0K kinstmts.cgi 4.0K kinstmts.out 4.0K kintoday.cgi 4.0K kinupdate.cgi 4.0K kinupdatedb.cgi 4.0K kinupdatedb.cgi~ 4.0K kinupdatedb.cgi~~ 4.0K kinupdate~.cgi 4.0K l3ad666-.py 4.0K l3ad666.py 4.0K l3ad666bkp.py 4.0K l4ad666.py 4.0K l4ad86.py 4.0K l6ad666.py 4.0K l6ad666bkp.py 4.0K line 4.0K line.sh 8.0K listJOmov.cgi 8.0K listJOmov.cgi~ 8.0K listJOmov.cgi~~ 8.0K listJOmov.cgi~~~ 4.0K listmp3.cgi 4.0K load66.py 4.0K load666-.out 4.0K load666-.py 4.0K load666-.py~ 4.0K load666.py 4.0K load666.py~ 4.0K load6662110.py 4.0K load666bkp.py 4.0K load666join.py 4.0K load_Assignments.cgi 4.0K load_mvf.py 4.0K logcapture.cgi 4.0K logcollage.cgi 4.0K logcollagecounts.cgi 4.0K logcollagemysql.cgi 4.0K logcollagetally.cgi 8.0K logviewhash.cgi 4.0K logviewparm.cgi 4.0K logviewparm.cgi~ 4.0K logviewparmT.cgi 4.0K logxview.cgi 4.0K m2h.cgi 4.0K mail_time.py 8.0K mailage.py 8.0K mailage.py~ 8.0K mailage.py~~ 8.0K mailage.py~~~ 8.0K mailage.py~~~~ 8.0K mailage.py~~~~~ 8.0K mailast.py 8.0K mailast.py~ 8.0K mailattx.py 4.0K mailattx.py~ 8.0K mailattxT.py 8.0K mailattxT~.py 8.0K mailattxslx.py 24K maileio1.out 8.0K maileio1.py 8.0K maileio1.py~ 24K maileio1ProdMonAug7_1045PM.out 4.0K maileio1arg.out 8.0K maileio1arg.py 8.0K maileio1bc.py 4.0K maileio1bc.py~ 8.0K maileio2.py 4.0K maileve.prn 4.0K maileve.py 4.0K maileve.py~ 8.0K maileve.py~~ 8.0K maileve.py~~~ 12K maileve9419.out 12K maileve9437.out 12K maileve9438.out 12K maileve9439.out 8.0K maileve9441.out 12K maileve9442.out 12K maileve9443.out 12K maileve9444.out 12K maileve9445.out 12K maileve9446.out 12K maileve9447.out 12K maileve9448.out 8.0K maileve9451.out 8.0K maileve9452.out 4.0K maileve9701.out 4.0K maileve9702.out 8.0K maileve9703.out 12K maileve9704.out 8.0K maileve9705.out 4.0K maileve9706.out 12K maileve9707.out 4.0K maileve9708.out 12K maileve9709.out 4.0K maileve9710.out 8.0K maileve9711.out 8.0K mailevearg.py 4.0K mailevenpp.py 4.0K mailevenpp.py~ 20K mailevenpp7701.out 20K mailevenpp7925.out 48K mailevenpp9101.out 48K mailevenpp9102.out 52K mailevenpp9135.out 48K mailevenpp9136.out 48K mailevenpp9137.out 52K mailevenpp9138.out 48K mailevenpp9139.out 4.0K mailevenpp9140.out 44K mailevenpp9141.out 44K mailevenpp9142.out 60K mailevenpp9453.out 32K mailevenpp9516.out 28K mailevenpp9702.out 48K mailevenpp9703.out 44K mailevenpp9704.out 36K mailevenpp9705.out 4.0K mailevenpp9706.out 40K mailevenpp9707.out 44K mailevenpp9708.out 48K mailevenpp9709.out 4.0K mailevenpp9710.out 4.0K mailevepro.py 8.0K mailevepro9151.out 4.0K mailevepro9420.out 8.0K mailevepro9421.out 12K mailevepro9422.out 8.0K mailevepro9423.out 12K mailevepro9424.out 8.0K mailevepro9425.out 8.0K mailevepro9426.out 12K mailevepro9427.out 8.0K mailevepro9428.out 12K mailevepro9429.out 4.0K mailevepro9430.out 8.0K mailevepro9431.out 8.0K mailevepro9432.out 8.0K mailevepro9433.out 12K mailevepro9445.out 12K mailevepro9446.out 8.0K mailevepro9447.out 8.0K mailevepro9448.out 8.0K mailevepro9451.out 8.0K mailevepro9452.out 16K mailevepro9453.out 12K mailevepro9713.out 12K mailevepro9716.out 8.0K mailevepro9717.out 32K mailevepro9719.out 8.0K mailevepro9757pinto.out 8.0K mailevetom.py 8.0K mailmarwlk.py 8.0K mailmvfret.py 8.0K mailpct.py 8.0K mailpct.py~~ 8.0K mailpctret.py~ 8.0K mailpctret.py~~ 8.0K mailpct~.py 8.0K mailret.py 8.0K mailret.py~ 8.0K mailret.py~~ 8.0K mailret.py~~~ 8.0K mailret.py~~~~ 8.0K mailszq.py 8.0K mailtxt.py 8.0K mailtxt.py~ 4.0K mailtxt.py~~ 4.0K mailtxt.py~~~ 8.0K mailtxt.py~~~~ 8.0K mailtxtom.py 4.0K mailtxt~~~.py 8.0K mailtxt~~~~.py 8.0K mailwalkrep.py 8.0K mailwlk.py 8.0K mailwlk.py~ 8.0K mailwlk.py~~ 8.0K mailwlk.py~~~ 8.0K mailwlk.py~~~~ 8.0K mailwlk.py~~~~~ 8.0K mailwlk.py~~~~~~ 8.0K mailwlk.py~~~~~~~ 8.0K mailwlk.py~~~~~~~~~ 8.0K mailwlkTST.py 8.0K mailwlkn.py 8.0K mailwlkn.py~ 8.0K mailwlkpdf.py 8.0K mailwlk~~~~~.py 8.0K mailxls 8.0K mailxls~ 8.0K makeInvCHCLSLK 4.0K makeInvGenericSLKcr 4.0K maria.py 4.0K maria27.py 4.0K maria36.py 4.0K maria36.py~ 4.0K maria36.py~~ 4.0K maria37.py 4.0K maria37cp1252.py 4.0K maria37cp1252.py~ 4.0K maria37cp1252.py~~ 4.0K maria37cp1252.py~~~ 8.0K mbrinsertdb.cgi 8.0K mbrinsertdb.cgi~ 8.0K mbrinsertdbill.cgi 4.0K mbrloadarg.cgi 4.0K mbrloadarg2.cgi 4.0K mbrloadavl.cgi 8.0K mbrnewdb.cgi 8.0K mbrnewdb.cgi~ 8.0K mbrselect.cgi 4.0K mbrselect.cgi~ 8.0K mbrselect.cgi~~ 8.0K mbrselectdb.cgi 8.0K mbrselectdb.cgi~ 8.0K mbrselectdb.cgi~~ 4.0K mbrsets.out 8.0K mbrshow.cgi 8.0K mbrshow.cgi~ 8.0K mbrshow.cgi~~ 8.0K mbrshow.cgi~~~ 8.0K mbrshow.cgi~~~~ 8.0K mbrshow.py 8.0K mbrshow210515.cgi 8.0K mbrshowARG.cgi 8.0K mbrshowNN.cgi 8.0K mbrshowdb.cgi 8.0K mbrshowdb.cgi~ 8.0K mbrshowdb.cgi~~ 8.0K mbrshowdb.cgi~~~ 8.0K mbrshowdb.cgi~~~~ 8.0K mbrshowdb~.cgi 4.0K mbrstmts.cgi 4.0K mbrstmts.out 4.0K mbrupdate.cgi 4.0K mbrupdate.cgi~ 4.0K mbrupdate.cgi~~ 4.0K mbrupdatedb.cgi 4.0K mbrupdate~.cgi 4.0K mediapage.cgi 4.0K mediapage.cgi~ 4.0K mediapagearg.cgi 4.0K mogrep.cgi 4.0K moh.cgi 1.1M moh.out 4.0K mrkloadarg.cgi 12K mvf-lib.pl 8.0K mvf-lib.pl~ 4.0K mvf-lib.pl~~ 12K mvf21flay.py 8.0K mvf21load.py 8.0K mvf21load.py~ 8.0K mvf21load111.py~ 12K mvf21part.py 12K mvf21part.py~ 4.0K mvfbirth.cgi 4.0K mvfexportdb.cgi 8.0K mvfhist.cgi 4.0K mvfhistb.cgi 8.0K mvfhistb.cgi~ 4.0K mvfhistb2.cgi 4.0K mvfhistb3.cgi 4.0K mvfhistb3.cgi~ 4.0K mvfhistb4.cgi 8.0K mvfload.cgi 4.0K mvfload.cgi~ 8.0K mvfloadTBL.cgi 8.0K mvfloadarg.cgi 8.0K mvfloadarg.cgi~ 8.0K mvfloadarg.cgi~~ 8.0K mvfloadtb.cgi 8.0K mvfloadtb.cgi~ 8.0K mvfloadtb2.cgi 8.0K mvfloadtb3.cgi 8.0K mvfloadtb4.cgi 8.0K mvfloadtb5.cgi 8.0K mvfloadtb5.cgi~ 8.0K mvfloadtb5.cgi~~ 8.0K mvfread.cgi 8.0K mvfread.cgi~ 4.0K mvfreadcsv.pl 4.0K mvfreadtab.pl 8.0K mvfselect.cgi 8.0K mvfselectdb.cgi 8.0K mvfselectdb.cgi~ 8.0K mvfselectdb.cgi~~ 8.0K mvfselectdb.cgi~~~ 8.0K mvfselectdb.cgi~~~~ 8.0K mvfselectdbN.cgi 8.0K mvfshow.cgi 8.0K mvfshow.cgi~~ 8.0K mvfshowr.cgi 8.0K mvfshow~.cgi 4.0K mvfstmts.cgi 4.0K mvfstmts.cgi~ 4.0K mvfstmts.out 4.0K mvfstmts.set 8.0K mvftext.cgi 4.0K mvfupdatedb.cgi 8.0K mvfvotingdb.cgi 8.0K mvfvotingdb.cgi~ 8.0K mvvselectdb.cgi 8.0K mytrace_attnew.err 344K mytrace_cap_pct.err 84K mytrace_capnew.err 396K mytrace_capsel.err 24K mytrace_kinexport.err 56K mytrace_kinnew.err 100K mytrace_kinselect.err 32K mytrace_mvfsel.err 108K mytrace_mvfvot.err 8.0K mytrace_tasks.err 84K mytrace_tasnew.err 8.0K p3ir5555.py 8.0K pair055.py 8.0K pair44.py 8.0K pair44~.py 8.0K pair55.py 8.0K pair55.py~ 8.0K pair55.py~~ 8.0K pair555.py 8.0K pair5555.py 8.0K pair5555~py 8.0K pair555n.html 8.0K pair555n.py 12K pair555n.py~ 8.0K pair555n10.html 8.0K pair555n3.html 8.0K pair555n4.html 8.0K pair555n6.html 12K pair555n7.html 12K pair555n8.html 8.0K pair555n9.html 12K pair555n~.pv 12K pair555n~~.py 8.0K pair555n~~~.py 8.0K pair555n~~~~.py 8.0K pair555n~~~~~~.py 8.0K pair555t.py 8.0K pair55a.py 8.0K pair55t.py 8.0K pair55~.py 8.0K pair55~~.py 8.0K pair55~~~.py 8.0K pair80.py 8.0K pair_80.py 4.0K pair_os.py 4.0K pair_os.py~ 4.0K pairs_a22_80.py 4.0K pairs_a22_80bk.py 4.0K pairs_a22_80ch.py 4.0K pairs_a22_86.py 4.0K pairs_a22_86bk.py 4.0K pairs_a22_86ch.py 8.0K photoframe.cgi 4.0K photoframe.cgi~ 4.0K photoframe.cgi~~ 8.0K photoframeT.cgi 8.0K photolist.cgi 4.0K photopage.cgi 4.0K photopage.cgi~ 8.0K pivotld.py 8.0K pivotld.py~ 8.0K pivotld.py~~ 8.0K pivotld.py~~~ 8.0K pivotld.py~~~~ 4.0K pivotld.py~~~~~ 8.0K pivotldT.py 4.0K pivotldT.py~ 4.0K pivotldT.py~~ 4.0K pivotldn.py 4.0K playJOclip.cgi 4.0K playJOclip.cgi~ 4.0K playJOclip.cgi~~ 8.0K playsound.cgi 4.0K pledge_rm.pl 8.0K pol-lib.pl 8.0K pol-lib.pl~ 4.0K prec2136.py 4.0K prec36.py 4.0K precall36.py 4.0K printenv.pl 4.0K printenv.py 8.0K psc 16K psc-lib.pl 4.0K pscallemails.cgi 8.0K pscm1.py 4.0K pscm1.py~ 8.0K pscm1.py~~ 8.0K pscm1N.py 8.0K pscm1_good.py 8.0K pscm2.py 4.0K pscmail.py 4.0K pscmail.py~ 4.0K pscmailok.py 4.0K pscmailtrap.py 4.0K pscmail~.py 4.0K pscmail~~.py 4.0K pscmail~~~.py 4.0K pscmail~~~~.py 4.0K pscmail~~~~~.py 8.0K pscmsys.py 4.0K pscpost.py 4.0K pscpost~.py 4.0K psctmp-lib.pl 8.0K ptqloadcsv.cgi 8.0K ptrn555.html 8.0K ptrn555.py 8.0K ptrn555n.py 8.0K ptrn555~~.py 0 py 12K r3nk555.py 8.0K r3nk555.py~ 12K r3nk5555.py 8.0K r3nk5555.py~ 12K r3nk5555.py~~ 12K r3nk5555.py~~~ 8.0K r3nk5555out.html 8.0K r3nk666.py 8.0K r3nk6666.py 12K r3nk6666out.html 8.0K r3samples5555.py 12K r4ld5555.py 12K r4nk5555.py 12K r4nk5555.py~ 8.0K r4nk666.py 12K r4nk6666.py 12K r5ld5555.py 12K r5nk5555.py 8.0K r5nk5555.py~ 12K r5nk5555.py~~ 8.0K r5nk666.py 8.0K r5nk6666.py 12K r6nk5555.py 4.0K races.txt 8.0K rand.cgi 8.0K rank055.py 8.0K rank06.py 8.0K rank066.py 4.0K rank1.py 4.0K rank2.py 4.0K rank3.py 4.0K rank4.py 4.0K rank4.py~ 4.0K rank4.py~y 4.0K rank40.py 8.0K rank44.py 8.0K rank444-.py 4.0K rank444.py 4.0K rank444~.py 8.0K rank444~~.py 4.0K rank444~~~.py 8.0K rank5.py 4.0K rank5.py~~ 4.0K rank5.py~~~ 8.0K rank5.py~~~~ 8.0K rank55.py 8.0K rank555-.py 8.0K rank555.py 8.0K rank5555.py 8.0K rank5555.py~ 8.0K rank555_210608.py 8.0K rank55a.py 8.0K rank5_210608.py 4.0K rank5_load_choices.py 8.0K rank5_nobutton.py 8.0K rank6.py 8.0K rank6.py~ 8.0K rank66.py 8.0K rank666.py 8.0K rank6666.py 8.0K rank6666.py~ 12K rank666~.py 8.0K rank6a.py 8.0K rank6~~.py 8.0K rank7.py 8.0K rccattendb.cgi 8.0K rccattendb.cgi~ 8.0K rccattendb.cgi~~ 8.0K rccnew.cgi 12K rccselectdb.cgi 12K rccselectdb.cgi~ 8.0K rccselectdb.cgi~~ 12K rccselectdb.cgi~~~ 12K rccselectdb.cgi~~~~ 8.0K rccshow.cgi 8.0K rccshow.cgi~ 8.0K rccshow.cgi~~ 8.0K rccsshortdb.cgi 8.0K rcctasksdb.cgi 8.0K rcctasksdb.cgi~ 4.0K rccupdatedb.cgi 4.0K readirgop.cgi 4.0K readirparm.cgi 4.0K readirparmLog.cgi 4.0K readirtx.cgi 4.0K readirtx.cgi~ 4.0K readjson.cgi 4.0K renewal.csv 4.0K renewal.rpt 4.0K renewal2021.csv 4.0K renewal20210904.csv 4.0K renewal20210928.csv 4.0K renewal2021817.csv 4.0K renewal2021818.csv 4.0K renewal2021823.csv 4.0K renewal2021826.csv 4.0K renewal2021828.csv 4.0K renewal2021830.csv 4.0K renewal202194.csv 4.0K renewal{yr}.csv 4.0K renewrpt.py 4.0K renewrpt.py~ 4.0K renewrpt.py~~ 4.0K renewrpt1.py 4.0K renewrpt1trtap.py 4.0K renewrpt2.py 8.0K s3rub555.py 8.0K s3rub555.py~ 8.0K s3rub5555.py 12K s4rub5555.py 8.0K s4rub5555.py~ 4.0K scr.cgi 4.0K scrmatch.cgi 8.0K scrub05.py 8.0K scrub055.py 8.0K scrub5.py 8.0K scrub55.py 8.0K scrub555.py 8.0K scrub5555.py 8.0K scrub5555.py~ 8.0K scrub555~.py 8.0K scrub55a.py 8.0K scrub55~.py 4.0K scrub5~.py 4.0K scrub5~~.py 4.0K selMbrs.pl 4.0K sgshow.cgi 4.0K show666.py 8.0K showVoteSki.cgi 4.0K skills.dat 4.0K sleckie@sleckie.opalstacked.com 4.0K sms_gateways 4.0K spechars.cgi 12K spr-lib.pl 500K sql 4.0K sql_gop_onboard 4.0K sql_mysql_model 4.0K sql_mysql_vbm 4.0K sqlbthday 4.0K sqlect 4.0K sqlect2 4.0K sqlect3 4.0K sqlmvfcountry 8.0K sqlmvfcountry.out 4.0K sqlmvfcountry2 4.0K sqlmvfcountryLJ 4.0K sqlparking 4.0K sqlparking.xls 4.0K sqlvbm 4.0K sqlvbm1 4.0K sqlvbmrj 4.0K sqlvbm~ 4.0K sqlwlkret 8.0K tashow.cgi 4.0K tasinsertdb.cgi 4.0K tasinsertdb.cgi~ 4.0K tasinsertdb.cgi~~ 8.0K tasnew.cgi 8.0K tasnew.cgi~~ 0 trace 8.0K update_avail.py 0 users.old 16K val-lib.pl 0 vbm 8.0K vbmloadarg.cgi 8.0K vbmloadb.cgi 8.0K vbmloaddb.cgi 8.0K vbmloaddb.cgi~ 8.0K vbmloadtxt.cgi 196K vbmret.xls 8.0K vbmselect.cgi 8.0K vbmselectdb.cgi 8.0K vbmselectdb.cgi~ 8.0K vbmshowdb.cgi 4.0K vbmupdatedb.cgi 16K vik-lib.pl 4.0K vikinsert.cgi 4.0K vikselect.cgi 8.0K vikshow.cgi 4.0K vol2arg.cgi 8.0K volo2darg.cgi 8.0K voloadarg.cgi 4.0K voloutarg.cgi 12K volselectdb.cgi 8.0K volshow.cgi 8.0K volshow.cgi~ 8.0K voltasksdb.cgi 4.0K volupdatedb.cgi 8.0K vot20a22.py 8.0K vot20a22j2.py 8.0K vot20a22j3-9.py 8.0K vot80a22.py 8.0K vot80a22j11.py 8.0K vot80a22j2.py 8.0K vot82a22.py 8.0K vot86464a22.py 8.0K vot86a22.py 8.0K vota22.py 8.0K vota22.py~ 8.0K vota22.py~~ 4.0K vota22cand.py 4.0K vota22cont.py 4.0K votbbalcon.py 4.0K votbbaltypn.py 4.0K votbcand.py 4.0K votbcont.py 8.0K votbodmc.py 8.0K votbodmcnt.py 8.0K votbodmcnt.py~ 8.0K votboe.py 8.0K votboe.py~ 8.0K votboe.py~~ 8.0K votboemc.py 8.0K votboud.py 4.0K votcand.py 8.0K votcandgood.py 8.0K votcoa22.py 8.0K votcoa22j0.py 8.0K votcoa22j5.py 8.0K votcoa22tf.py 4.0K votctgp.py 4.0K votcvr-.py 12K votcvr.out 8.0K votcvr.py 24K votcvr2.0ut 4.0K votcvr20210528_2.py 4.0K votcvr20210528_3.py 4.0K votcvr20210529.py 4.0K votcvr20210529_2.py 8.0K votcvr20210601.py 8.0K votcvr20210602_2.py 8.0K votcvr20210602_3.py 8.0K votcvr210528.py 8.0K votcvrWORKS20210530.py 12K voteparse.out 8.0K voteparse.py 4.0K voteparse~.py 8.0K voteparse~~.py 8.0K voteparse~~~.py 8.0K votg22.py 8.0K votg22.pyc 8.0K votg22.py~ 8.0K votg22.py~~ 4.0K votg22cand.py 4.0K votg22cont.py 4.0K votg22pprt.py 4.0K votg22prct.py 4.0K votgvn-.py 8.0K votgvn.py 8.0K votgvn.py~ 8.0K votgvnm.py 4.0K votgvnm0.py 4.0K votgvnm1.py 8.0K votgvnmc.py 8.0K votgvnm~.py 4.0K votiny.py 8.0K votp22.py 4.0K votp22cand.py 4.0K votp22cand.py~ 4.0K votp22cont.py 4.0K votp22pprt.py 4.0K votp22prct.py 4.0K votprec.py 8.0K votv22.py 8.0K vsmloadcsv.cgi 8.0K vsmlodsm.cgi 4.0K vsmlodsm.cgi~ 8.0K vsmlodsm.cgi~~ 62M vsmlodsm.out 8.0K vsmlodsm0.cgi 8.0K vsmp22.py 12K w68-lib.pl 4.0K weblogview.cgi 4.0K weblogview.cgi~ 4.0K weblogview.cgi~~ 4.0K xjson.pyc 4.0K xyz

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