Our 1997-8 Patrol Group Photograph

October refresher at Boreal Speedway

The Nordic Patrollers Parady SongBook

# Title Comment
1. I hit you, tree A parady of tragedy!
2. SixTeen Liters A bloody good parody!
3. One! (slim chance in 100) An important message on avalanche safety!
4. Miss Nordic Pie (bye-bye) A nauseating song made even more so. Contribute your own verse!
5. ButterFly Kisses For all the patrol daddies. Even more nauseasting.
6. East Sierra Slopes Michelle learned to drive, I learned to ski.
7. Numb in Nome Another collaboration with the great Michelle. Friends part and suffer the cold shoulder
8. TBSP Rant Rant and rage about your patrol

The Nordic Patrollers Parady SkitBook

# Title Comment
1. A Probe Line (ou version) The classic song & dance extravaganza
2. A Probe Line (2002) The classic song & dance extravaganza

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