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Last modified: Sunday June 13, 2021

Today is Friday May 20, 2022

Space Used cgi: Here is space used and left (du -hs) on /home/sleckie/apps/cgi/cgi-bin:
13G /home/sleckie/apps/cgi/cgi-bin
88G /home/sleckie/apps/cgi
88G /home/sleckie/apps
88G /home/sleckie
16K /home

star-->4.0K 123.xls 4.0K 1234 4.0K Combine.py 4.0K LoadMarksChoice220119.html 4.0K MVF220107.csv 4.0K Precinct940220.csv 4.0K Precinct940221.csv 4.0K Skivote.cgi 8.0K Skivoteview.cgi 4.0K VITE0122cr_CAI.XLS 4.0K VOTE0122cr_CAI.XLS 4.0K VOTE0222cr_CAI.XLS 4.0K XXX 12K __pycache__ 4.0K _lslt.pl 4.0K _lversion.cgi 4.0K _space.cgi 4.0K _txlslt.cgi 4.0K addcap.cgi 4.0K addpledge.cgi 4.0K addpledge.cgi~ 4.0K appview.cgi 4.0K avbed.py 8.0K avbed.py~ 4.0K avbedpk.py 4.0K balcons.txt 4.0K baltyps.txt 12K bed-lib.pl 4.0K beddar.cgi 4.0K bedmart.cgi 4.0K bedmart.cgi~~ 4.0K bedview.cgi 4.0K bk2end.rpt 4.0K bkagend.rpt 4.0K bkend.rpt 4.0K bkends.rpt 4.0K boredit.cgi 4.0K boredit.cgi_best 4.0K boredit.cgi~ 4.0K boredit.cgi~~ 4.0K boremove.cgi 4.0K boremove.cgi~ 4.0K boremove.cgi~~ 4.0K boremove.cgi~~~ 4.0K borview.cgi 4.0K borview.cgi~ 4.0K bump.cgi 4.0K bump_older.cgi 4.0K bumpnew.cgi 4.0K calendar9.cgi 4.0K calendar9.cgi~ 0 cands.txt 4.0K capadd.cgi 4.0K capinsertdb.cgi 8.0K capnew.cgi 8.0K capselect.cgi 8.0K capselect.cgi~ 8.0K capselectdb.cgi 8.0K capshow.cgi 8.0K capshowr.cgi 8.0K capshowr.cgi~ 8.0K capshowr.cgi~~ 8.0K capshowr.cgi~~~ 8.0K capshowr.cgi~~~~ 8.0K capshowr.cgi~~~~~ 8.0K capshow~.cgi 4.0K capupdatedb.cgi 8.0K cgi-lib.pl 4.0K collagemov.cgi 4.0K collagemov.cgi~ 4.0K collagemov.cgi~~ 4.0K collagemov.cgi~~~ 4.0K collagepix.cgi 4.0K collagetun.cgi 4.0K columns 4.0K columns_maria 4.0K conts.txt 4.0K crontab.sleckie.home 8.0K crub5_20210604.py 4.0K ctgp.txt 9.4G data 4.0K def_purge_votes 4.0K dordar.cgi 4.0K dordar.cgi~ 4.0K dormart.cgi 4.0K download_precip.py 4.0K due.xls 4.0K dues.xls 4.0K duesql 4.0K first_py.py 4.0K fol-lib.pl 4.0K folk2.cgi 4.0K folk3.cgi 4.0K folkload.cgi 4.0K folkload.cgi~ 92K folks20121023.dat 76K folks210503.dat 92K folks210503_2.dat 4.0K frag.txt 4.0K hen-lib.pl 4.0K insert.sql 8.0K insrt.boe.csv 4.0K insrt.boe.sql 4.0K insrt.boe3.csv 30M insrt.sql 3.7M insrt20210530.sql 4.0K json.pl 4.0K json.pl~ 4.0K jsonread.py 16K jud-lib.pl 4.0K judah21.py 4.0K judah2136.py 4.0K judah36.py 8.0K judselect.cgi 8.0K judselect.cgi~ 8.0K judshow.cgi 8.0K judshow.cgi~ 8.0K judshow_debug.cgi 8.0K judshow~.cgi 4.0K judupdate.cgi 8.0K kin-lib.pl 4.0K kinallemails.cgi 4.0K kinancest.cgi 4.0K kincollage.cgi 4.0K kincurbdays.cgi 4.0K kindar.cgi 4.0K kindarHREF.cgi 4.0K kindarboth.cgi 4.0K kindescen.cgi 4.0K kindetail.cgi 8.0K kindetaildb.cgi 4.0K kindetailt.cgi 4.0K kindetail~.cgi 4.0K kindie.cgi 4.0K kindoclage.cgi 4.0K kinexportdb.cgi 8.0K kinexportdb.cgi~ 8.0K kinexportdb.cgi~~ 8.0K kinexptestdb.cgi 8.0K kininsertdb.cgi 8.0K kininsertdb.cgi~ 8.0K kininsertdb.cgi~~ 4.0K kinkidlage.cgi 4.0K kinkidocs.cgi 4.0K kinnames.out 8.0K kinnewdb.cgi 8.0K kinnewdb.cgi~ 8.0K kinnewdb.cgi~~ 16K kinpswd.cgi 16K kinpswd.cgi~ 16K kinpswd.cgi~~ 16K kinpswd.old 16K kinpswd123.cgi 16K kinpswdb.cgi 4.0K kinrecord.cgi 4.0K kinselect.cgi 8.0K kinselect.cgi~ 8.0K kinselectdb.cgi 8.0K kinselectdb.cgi~ 8.0K kinselectdbt.cgi 8.0K kinselectdbt.cgi~ 4.0K kinselectdb~.cgi 4.0K kinselectdb~~.cgi 8.0K kinselectdb~~~.cgi 8.0K kinselectdb~~~~.cgi 4.0K kinselectid.cgi 4.0K kinserts.out 4.0K kinsets.out 8.0K kinshow.cgi 8.0K kinshow.cgi~ 4.0K kinstmts.cgi 4.0K kinstmts.out 4.0K kintoday.cgi 4.0K kinupdate.cgi 4.0K kinupdatedb.cgi 4.0K kinupdatedb.cgi~ 4.0K kinupdatedb.cgi~~ 4.0K kinupdate~.cgi 4.0K line 4.0K line.sh 8.0K listJOmov.cgi 8.0K listJOmov.cgi~ 8.0K listJOmov.cgi~~ 8.0K listJOmov.cgi~~~ 4.0K listmp3.cgi 4.0K load66.py 4.0K load666-.out 4.0K load666-.py 4.0K load666.py 4.0K load666.py~ 4.0K load6662110.py 4.0K load666bkp.py 4.0K load666join.py 4.0K load_Assignments.cgi 4.0K load_mvf.py 4.0K logcapture.cgi 4.0K logcollage.cgi 4.0K logcollagecounts.cgi 4.0K logcollagemysql.cgi 4.0K logcollagetally.cgi 4.0K logviewparm.cgi 4.0K logviewparm.cgi~ 4.0K logxview.cgi 4.0K mail_time.py 8.0K mailage.py 8.0K mailage.py~ 8.0K mailage.py~~ 8.0K mailast.py 8.0K mailast.py~ 8.0K mailattx.py 4.0K mailattx.py~ 8.0K mailattxT.py 8.0K mailattxT~.py 8.0K mailattxslx.py 8.0K mailmvfret.py 8.0K mailpct.py 8.0K mailpct.py~~ 8.0K mailpctret.py~ 8.0K mailpctret.py~~ 8.0K mailpct~.py 8.0K mailret.py 8.0K mailret.py~ 8.0K mailret.py~~ 8.0K mailret.py~~~ 4.0K mailtxt.py 8.0K mailtxt.py~ 4.0K mailtxt.py~~ 4.0K mailtxt.py~~~ 8.0K mailwlk.py 8.0K mailwlk.py~ 8.0K mailwlk.py~~ 8.0K mailwlk.py~~~ 8.0K mailwlk.py~~~~ 8.0K mailxls 8.0K mailxls~ 8.0K makeInvCHCLSLK 4.0K makeInvGenericSLKcr 4.0K maria.py 4.0K maria27.py 4.0K maria36.py 4.0K maria36.py~ 4.0K maria36.py~~ 8.0K mbrinsertdb.cgi 8.0K mbrinsertdb.cgi~ 8.0K mbrinsertdbill.cgi 4.0K mbrloadarg.cgi 8.0K mbrnewdb.cgi 8.0K mbrnewdb.cgi~ 8.0K mbrselect.cgi 4.0K mbrselect.cgi~ 8.0K mbrselect.cgi~~ 8.0K mbrselectdb.cgi 4.0K mbrsets.out 8.0K mbrshow.cgi 8.0K mbrshow.cgi~ 8.0K mbrshow.cgi~~ 8.0K mbrshow.cgi~~~ 8.0K mbrshow.py 8.0K mbrshow210515.cgi 8.0K mbrshowARG.cgi 8.0K mbrshowNN.cgi 4.0K mbrstmts.cgi 4.0K mbrstmts.out 4.0K mbrupdate.cgi 4.0K mbrupdate.cgi~ 4.0K mbrupdate.cgi~~ 4.0K mbrupdatedb.cgi 4.0K mbrupdate~.cgi 4.0K mediapage.cgi 4.0K mediapage.cgi~ 4.0K mediapagearg.cgi 4.0K mrkloadarg.cgi 12K mvf-lib.pl 8.0K mvf-lib.pl~ 4.0K mvf-lib.pl~~ 12K mvf21flay.py 8.0K mvf21load.py 8.0K mvf21load.py~ 8.0K mvf21load111.py~ 12K mvf21part.py 12K mvf21part.py~ 4.0K mvfbirth.cgi 4.0K mvfexportdb.cgi 8.0K mvfhist.cgi 4.0K mvfhistb.cgi 8.0K mvfhistb.cgi~ 4.0K mvfhistb2.cgi 4.0K mvfhistb3.cgi 4.0K mvfhistb3.cgi~ 8.0K mvfload.cgi 4.0K mvfload.cgi~ 8.0K mvfloadTBL.cgi 8.0K mvfloadarg.cgi 8.0K mvfloadtb.cgi 8.0K mvfloadtb.cgi~ 8.0K mvfloadtb2.cgi 8.0K mvfloadtb3.cgi 8.0K mvfloadtb4.cgi 8.0K mvfloadtb5.cgi 8.0K mvfloadtb5.cgi~ 8.0K mvfloadtb5.cgi~~ 8.0K mvfread.cgi 8.0K mvfread.cgi~ 4.0K mvfreadcsv.pl 4.0K mvfreadtab.pl 8.0K mvfselect.cgi 8.0K mvfselectdb.cgi 8.0K mvfselectdb.cgi~ 8.0K mvfselectdb.cgi~~ 8.0K mvfselectdb.cgi~~~ 8.0K mvfselectdbN.cgi 8.0K mvfshow.cgi 8.0K mvfshow.cgi~~ 8.0K mvfshowr.cgi 8.0K mvfshow~.cgi 4.0K mvfstmts.cgi 4.0K mvfstmts.cgi~ 4.0K mvfstmts.out 4.0K mvfstmts.set 8.0K mvftext.cgi 4.0K mvfupdatedb.cgi 8.0K mvfvotingdb.cgi 8.0K mvfvotingdb.cgi~ 44K mytrace_capnew.err 84K mytrace_capsel.err 8.0K mytrace_kinnew.err 2.6M mytrace_mbrsel.err 12K mytrace_mbrsl.err 464K mytrace_mvfsel.err 204K mytrace_mvfvot.err 8.0K pair44.py 8.0K pair44~.py 8.0K pair55.py 8.0K pair555.py 8.0K pair5555.py 8.0K pair5555~py 8.0K pair555n.html 8.0K pair555n.py 12K pair555n.py~ 8.0K pair555n10.html 8.0K pair555n3.html 8.0K pair555n4.html 8.0K pair555n6.html 12K pair555n7.html 12K pair555n8.html 8.0K pair555n9.html 12K pair555n~.pv 12K pair555n~~.py 8.0K pair555n~~~.py 8.0K pair555n~~~~.py 8.0K pair555n~~~~~~.py 8.0K pair555t.py 8.0K pair55t.py 8.0K pair55~.py 8.0K pair55~~.py 8.0K pair55~~~.py 8.0K photoframe.cgi 4.0K photoframe.cgi~ 4.0K photoframe.cgi~~ 8.0K photoframeT.cgi 8.0K photolist.cgi 4.0K photopage.cgi 4.0K playJOclip.cgi 4.0K playJOclip.cgi~ 4.0K playJOclip.cgi~~ 8.0K playsound.cgi 4.0K pledge_rm.pl 8.0K pol-lib.pl 8.0K pol-lib.pl~ 4.0K prec2136.py 4.0K prec36.py 4.0K precall36.py 4.0K printenv.pl 4.0K printenv.py 8.0K psc 16K psc-lib.pl 4.0K pscallemails.cgi 8.0K pscm1.py 4.0K pscm1.py~ 8.0K pscm1.py~~ 8.0K pscm1N.py 8.0K pscm1_good.py 8.0K pscm2.py 4.0K pscmail.py 4.0K pscmail.py~ 4.0K pscmailok.py 4.0K pscmailtrap.py 4.0K pscmail~.py 4.0K pscmail~~.py 4.0K pscmail~~~.py 4.0K pscmail~~~~.py 4.0K pscmail~~~~~.py 8.0K pscmsys.py 4.0K pscpost.py 4.0K pscpost~.py 8.0K ptrn555.html 8.0K ptrn555.py 8.0K ptrn555n.py 8.0K ptrn555~~.py 4.0K races.txt 4.0K races~.txt 8.0K rand.cgi 4.0K rank1.py 4.0K rank2.py 4.0K rank3.py 4.0K rank4.py 4.0K rank4.py~ 4.0K rank4.py~y 8.0K rank44.py 8.0K rank444-.py 4.0K rank444.py 4.0K rank444~.py 8.0K rank444~~.py 8.0K rank5.py 4.0K rank5.py~~ 4.0K rank5.py~~~ 8.0K rank55.py 8.0K rank555-.py 8.0K rank555.py 8.0K rank5555.py 8.0K rank555_210608.py 8.0K rank5_210608.py 4.0K rank5_load_choices.py 8.0K rank5_nobutton.py 8.0K rank6.py 8.0K rank6.py~ 8.0K rank66.py 8.0K rank666.py 8.0K rank6666.py 12K rank666~.py 8.0K rank6a.py 8.0K rank6~~.py 8.0K rank7.py 4.0K readirparm.cgi 4.0K readirparmLog.cgi 4.0K readirtx.cgi 4.0K readirtx.cgi~ 4.0K renewal.csv 4.0K renewal.rpt 4.0K renewal2021.csv 4.0K renewal20210904.csv 4.0K renewal20210928.csv 4.0K renewal2021817.csv 4.0K renewal2021818.csv 4.0K renewal2021823.csv 4.0K renewal2021826.csv 4.0K renewal2021828.csv 4.0K renewal2021830.csv 4.0K renewal202194.csv 4.0K renewal{yr}.csv 4.0K renewrpt.py 4.0K renewrpt.py~ 4.0K renewrpt.py~~ 4.0K renewrpt1.py 4.0K renewrpt1trtap.py 4.0K renewrpt2.py 4.0K scr.cgi 4.0K scrmatch.cgi 8.0K scrub5.py 8.0K scrub55.py 8.0K scrub555.py 8.0K scrub5555.py 8.0K scrub555~.py 8.0K scrub55~.py 4.0K scrub5~.py 4.0K scrub5~~.py 4.0K selMbrs.pl 4.0K sgshow.cgi 4.0K show666.py 8.0K showVoteSki.cgi 4.0K sleckie@sleckie.opalstacked.com 4.0K sms_gateways 4.0K spechars.cgi 12K spr-lib.pl 32K sql 4.0K sql_mysql_model 4.0K sql_mysql_vbm 4.0K sqlbthday 4.0K sqlect 4.0K sqlect2 4.0K sqlect3 4.0K sqlmvfcountry 8.0K sqlmvfcountry.out 4.0K sqlmvfcountry2 4.0K sqlmvfcountryLJ 4.0K sqlparking 4.0K sqlparking.xls 4.0K sqlvbm 4.0K sqlvbm1 4.0K sqlvbmrj 4.0K sqlvbm~ 4.0K sqlwlkret 8.0K update_avail.py 16K val-lib.pl 0 vbm 8.0K vbmloadarg.cgi 8.0K vbmloadb.cgi 8.0K vbmloaddb.cgi 8.0K vbmloaddb.cgi~ 8.0K vbmloadtxt.cgi 196K vbmret.xls 8.0K vbmselect.cgi 8.0K vbmselectdb.cgi 8.0K vbmselectdb.cgi~ 8.0K vbmshowdb.cgi 4.0K vbmupdatedb.cgi 16K vik-lib.pl 4.0K vikinsert.cgi 4.0K vikselect.cgi 8.0K vikshow.cgi 4.0K votbbalcon.py 4.0K votbbaltypn.py 4.0K votbcand.py 4.0K votbcont.py 8.0K votbodmc.py 8.0K votbodmcnt.py 8.0K votbodmcnt.py~ 8.0K votboe.py 8.0K votboe.py~ 8.0K votboe.py~~ 8.0K votboemc.py 4.0K votcand.py 8.0K votcandgood.py 4.0K votctgp.py 4.0K votcvr-.py 12K votcvr.out 8.0K votcvr.py 24K votcvr2.0ut 4.0K votcvr20210528_2.py 4.0K votcvr20210528_3.py 4.0K votcvr20210529.py 4.0K votcvr20210529_2.py 8.0K votcvr20210601.py 8.0K votcvr20210602_2.py 8.0K votcvr20210602_3.py 8.0K votcvr210528.py 8.0K votcvrWORKS20210530.py 12K voteparse.out 8.0K voteparse.py 4.0K voteparse~.py 8.0K voteparse~~.py 8.0K voteparse~~~.py 4.0K votgvn-.py 8.0K votgvn.py 8.0K votgvn.py~ 8.0K votgvnm.py 4.0K votgvnm0.py 4.0K votgvnm1.py 8.0K votgvnmc.py 8.0K votgvnm~.py 4.0K votiny.py 4.0K votprec.py 12K w68-lib.pl 4.0K weblogview.cgi 4.0K weblogview.cgi~ 4.0K weblogview.cgi~~ 4.0K xjson.pyc 4.0K xyz

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