The Blue Dolphins LaPérouse, are the fastest, smartest, and most agile 2nd and 3rd grade socceer players at the Lycée Françias International LaPérouse. We gladly crash noses with the opposition team. But we always protect our school, so we play good defense, too.

Each week we trawl the high seas of the Outer Banks. We seek other pods of species to whom we are attracted, and chase them until they give up exhausted and beg for mercy. Yummy. Delicious.

 We had one new pup join the pod in this Autumn 2002 (our 7th) season (and 4th year) of play. Hugo 'RatBoy' Duamas, an old face from 3rd grade. We continue to nurture young pups Cedric 'BullDog' Duhalde, Julian 'SlimBall' V. and Raphael 'Road Kill' from 2nd grade. Topped by veteran marine alpha mammals: Stephan, Julian M, Paul, and Margaux. Still feeling their flippers, we have seasoned swimmers Catriona, and Graham, Jeremy, Tristan and Sterling.

Because the Dolphins have such a wide age dispardy of 22 months, we take a flexible philosophy, organizing the squad into modular components which can be quickly pulled in and out of a contest. The shrimp line includes: Cedric, JulianV, Rafael. The speedy line: Margaux, Paul, and Jeremy. The skilled line: JualianM, Hugo, and Stephan. And the tricky line: Caitronia, Graham, Sterling, and Tristan. We deploy tactics and strategy based on our patented triangle formation. As always, all porpoises get to share in the kill.

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