The Cheetahs LaPérouse, are the fastest 1st and 2nd grade socceer players at the Lycée Françias International LaPérouse. We run the pants off the other team. But we always protect our meat, so we play good defense, too.

Each week we prowl the dusty plains of the Outer Svengali. We seek other species to whom we are attracted, and chase them until they give up exhausted and beg for mercy. Yum. Delicious.

 We had some new cubs join the pride in this Autumn 2001 (our 5th) season (and 3rd year) of play. They include Julian 'Furball' V., Jeremy 'Smells Blood', and Raphael 'Road Kill' from 1st grade. Topped by veteran hunters: Stephan, Julian M, Paul, Margaux, Catriona, and Graham. Feeling their legs, we have crusty old cubs Tristan and Sterling.

Because the Cheetahs have such a wide age dispardy of 16 months (last fall, the players were all within 5 months of age), we took a different philosophy. For the 2 different games each week, we divided the pride into a 1st grade team, and a 2nd grade team. The cubs have to work very hard, but they get good experience, and they get to bond with their friends and classmates. Meanwhile the 2nd grade hunters get to work on advanced tactics and strategy. All cats get to share in the kill.

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