Classmate Comments About the Wantagh Class of 1968 ReUnion (Printed:2018/04/20)

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8/4/98 From: Tom Sleckman
It was great seeing everyone. Didn't have a chance to talk to everyone, particularly Pat Tingley. Liked the dancing alot.
I do have some comments about the service. ReUnion UnLimited did a limited job. The DJ was uninspired, the food was s-so, the ambiance was marginal. But hey, who cares. Much thanks to Shelley's efforts.
8/14/98 From: Billy Joel
I went to Hicksville, but I always liked coming to Wantagh to play with the Vagrants...or was it the Hassles. I can't remember.
1/9/99 From: Kevin Tumey
No comments
2/5/99 From: John Eastlund
Sorry I missed it (I was near that New Guinea tidal wave at the time). If somebody could send me a copy of the directory of people who were there, that would be good. Thanx.
3/1/99 From: Mindy Beckerman Thompson
I had a great time. Thanks to Shelly for getting it together!
From: Bob Phillips

Nice to see some pics of my "older school mates. I graduated in 72 but new many of you before moving away to Vermont. Any idea of who might be organizing anything for the class of 72?

Bob Phillips

From: Marylou Ponzi Kay 9/9/99

My husband and I really enjoyed it. It was kind of funny because he's "William Kay" and people kept thinking he was our former classmate-sometimes he played along. Thanks to Shelley for organizing it!
6/21/2000 From: Tom Sleckman
Just want to announce to all you aging hippies, the Wantagh 68 web site has moved to Kindly update your bookmarks.
1/2/2003 From: Tom
Does this still work??
7/1/2004 From: Janyce Yates

Trying to locate Val Johnson. Anyone know how I can locate her?
10/4/2007 From: Tom Sleckie
Oh, man. It's coming around again, and I'm Armageddon nervous. My English leather is low. My bell-bottoms are frayed - trashed no less. My hair is short - but I still got some. Got no pennies in my penny loafer. But I'm still gonna rally one last time (ok maybe 2 or 3). The big 40 Wantagh 68! Wheeewww-haaa!
From: Jeanne Beutel
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oh my gosh, oh my gosh....I've finally found you people thanks to my 15 year old niece!!!_I missed the 98 reunion, nobody contact me!_Well, both Phyllis Trager and I want to go to the 40th, for sure!<85>4/2/2008
7/4/2008 From: Barbara Chamberlin

8/6/2008 From: Tommy Sleckman
Well, I went to the 40th and it was great. Simply mahlvelous. I didn't want to get into gritty details with my classmates, such as how many of us had died; grizzly descriptions of bouts with cancer, depression, and age; descriptions of the fate of offspring, ex-wives, etc. No, I just wanted to drink it all in - the sights, sounds, and smells of 1968, and pretend that, even for 1 evening, it actually was 1968, and I was with my friends partying in the gym. That experience was truly priceless, and I extend my sincere appreciation to classmates who showed up to contribute to my profound personal happiness.
8/12/2015 From: Mike
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1/25/2018 From: Sleckie
Uh-oh. Big 50th coming up. I wonder where? I wonder when? I wonder who?
4/19/118 From: Tommy Sleckman
Just send in my check to Zambuto. I hope I can handle this. But it is the 50th. Kind of important - as if anyone else even cares.

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