Rockin Tunes of 68 (Printed:2018/03/17)

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Up Up and Away5th DimensionTom Sleckmantbeach2000/12/21 16.00.31206.79.150.49
WendyBeach BoysTom Sleckmantom@sleckman.comWendy Ward was my date at the frosh frolic, and partner on Bert Park's County Fair TV show - Brain Busta's segment. Wendy, Wendy, "What went wrong?"2003/01/02
ExodusVagrantstom sleckstom@sleckman.comThis was the show piece for the Vagrants, Long Island's finest gym band. A real good choice for a slow dance.2007/10/04
Turn, Turn, TurnByrdsts2008/04/06
Mellow YellowDonavants2008/04/06
You Can't Do ThatBeatlests2008/04/06
Devil With the Blue DressMitch Rider & Detroit Wheelsts2008/04/06
The HighwaymanPhil Ochsts2008/04/06
ShutdownBeach Boysts2008/04/06
She's Not ThereZombiests2008/05/12
You Can't Do ThatBeatlestsCCD Teen Center2008/05/12
Time of The SeasonZombiesTStom@sleckman.comrelease November 19682008/06/24

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