Hollowed Spirits of 68 (Printed:2018/03/17)

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Deceased Date of Death Place of Death Cause of Death Submitted by Contact Info Comments Now From Host
Ralph KrullerMay 31, 1965Wantagh Ave in front of Surfers' HutRun over by carTom SleckmanTom@Sleckman.comA grizzley scene on a Memorial Day weekend, though the date is not precise. 2000/12/21 15.36.58206.79.150.49
Eddie Dameearly 80'sunknownunknownTom Sleckmantom@sleckmanThis is something I heard. Bye Eddie.2000/12/23
Don Wagner3/28/2008Astoria, Queens, NYLung Cancerts2008/04/06 02.02.1566.82.9.74dpc6682009074.direcpc.com
Bevin Gilmore10/30/2009Eugene?Heart attack - ashthma complicationsTom Sleckmantom@sleckman.comShe was dedicated to dance, and was an outstanding gymnast.2011/12/27 14.49.2565.197.152.2capps2.capps.com
Joseph Lilly7/20/2007Bloomington, INTom Sleckmantom@sleckman.comborn July 14, 1950. We went to St.Frances grammar school together. We were in the same cub scout troop. Great guy.2011/12/27 15.03.4765.197.152.2capps2.capps.com

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